7 Things To NOT Do For Long Term Weight Loss Success

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By Hot Health August 10, 2018 13:27
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7 Things To NOT Do For Long Term Weight Loss Success

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With the obesity rate growing in the U.S. and the world, it’s understandable that many people are on a quest to lose weight as quickly possible. However, trying to lose weight too fast could be harmful to your health in the long-run.

Here are 7 quick reminders of things you should NOT DO for long-term weight loss success.


1. Do Not Take Diet Pills and Prohibited Drugs

Using a pill or drug probably seems like a smart way to kick-start your quest on getting rid of excess weight. However, WebMd reports that a large number of these pills come with severe adverse effects. And regardless if it’s a prescription drug – it must be used exclusively by the individual for whom it was prescribed and in an exact manner, it was supposed to be used, as recommended by a certified healthcare professional. Others might resort to meth, cocaine, or speed to provide them with a boost and although they might assist you shed excess weight, the side effects are more harmful, because these drugs are not only addictive but could also be harmful to your health.


2. Do Not Take Laxatives

This is another common technique for individuals seeking to rapidly get rid of excess weight. It is prevalent among individuals who have eating disorders.  While you may think this is a simple way to get rid of that extra weight, continuous use of laxatives (in whatever form) could have serious side effects for your digestive system.


3. Do Not Fad Diet

According to researches carried out by experts from Johns Hopkins University on different fad diets, it was discovered that only a handful of them possessed any influence on a long lasting weight loss quest. Notwithstanding that the American weight loss market is a multi-billion dollar industry; the United States is still one of the fattest countries on earth. Nothing can be substituted for eating healthy meals and engaging in regular exercise as far as weight loss is concerned.


4. Do Not Do Extremely Low-Calorie Meals

This dietary plan limits you to 800 calories daily and gives you a list of no-calorie foods which you are allowed to eat. Your body requires calories to stay alive. Likewise, it requires a wholesome balance of different foods that provide different nutrients, together with healthy fats which are essential for the brain and body. Although decreasing your calorie intake is an excellent way to get rid of fat, but taking a meal with low caloric value is of no benefit to you.  Though you will get rid of some weight at the initial stage, however, this is not a sustainable practice and consequently, the moment you start taking additional calories, you will begin to add weight back and this is usually more than what you initially lost.


5. Do Not Starve Yourself

When you starved yourself, you make yourself vulnerable to malnutrition and other health hazards. Moreover it is unsustainable and usually leads to unrestrained eating that makes you add weight. Starvation equally make the body to get into panic state, where it piles up any calories you consume to preserve for later, therefore it can actually bring about a delay in any weight loss attempts. Anorexia or continuous starvation is a life-threatening feeding problem.


6. Do Not Skip Meals

There’s a distinction between Periodic Fasting and merely missing meals for the purpose of getting rid of excess weight. You aren’t likely to start your fat burning process by skipping lunch; in fact, you will slow down your fat burning capacity and become more susceptible to eat way too much during dinner.


7. Do Not Excessively Exercise

Extreme exercise can lead to exhaustion and pressure that could force you to overindulge. Stress hormones additionally contribute to storage of stomach fat. Excessive exercise increases the possibilities of exhaustion which induces bad decision making. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to use the treadmill for 3 hours per day to become fully fit. 30-60 minutes workout four days of the week is more than adequate for the average person, also, driving yourself too hard isn’t likely to be of any benefit to you.


Hot Health
By Hot Health August 10, 2018 13:27
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