3 Common Eye Ailments That You Can Treat At Home

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By Hot Health December 11, 2016 18:38

3 Common Eye Ailments That You Can Treat At Home

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Eye Ailments That Can Be Treated At Home

Human eyes are exposed to a plethora of things every single day. The polluted air, dust particles and similar things harm the eye every single day. Human eyes are a sensitive organ which need to be catered for carefully. It is always preferred that you get the advice of a professional whenever you witness anything severe in the eye. However, there are a few eye ailments that are caused because of changing weather and atmosphere, imbalanced diet and dryness and you can cater for these ailments at home.


  • Dry Eye

This is perhaps the most common eye ailment experienced by an average individual. Dry eye is caused when the eye is deprived of natural and essential ingredients such as water, moisture, oil and lubricants. Consistent itching, burning and irritation accompanied by redness are some of the most common symptoms of dry eye. An imbalance in the tear duct system is what leads to dry-eye. This ailment may result from various factors such as aging, medication, low humidity, high heat etc. Therefore, balancing the temperature becomes the most obvious remedy. While getting in touch with your doctor is recommended, there are some natural lubricants that you can use which are easily available over the counter.


  • The Sty

The Sty is nothing but the inflammation caused by the infection of one of the glands of the eyelids. It resembles, more or less, a pimple. You can think of it as a pimple on the eyelid. It can cause irritation, and an increase in the size of the sty may cause the eyelid completely. Usually, a sty can be cured by hot compress several times a day. In case the ailment still persists, an antibiotic is recommended.


  • A foreign body in your Eye

How often does it happen that we feel there is something in our eye and we can’t figure out what it is while it irritates the life out of us? Almost always. The next time it happens to you, try to blink your eyes several times. This helps in moving the foreign substance below your iris so that you can remove it manually with your fingers. If that does not work for you, you can try to wash your eye with cold water or eye drops. However, if the ailment still persists, the wisest decision would be to consult a doctor.

Hot Health
By Hot Health December 11, 2016 18:38
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