4 Simple Ways To Avoid Visible Cellulite

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By Hot Health February 6, 2017 20:10
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4 Simple Ways To Avoid Visible Cellulite

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4 Simple Ways To Avoid Visible Cellulite

Cellulite has been found to occur in at least 90% of women. Time and again, a lot of hype has been created about cellulite. What is cellulite? In medical terms, cellulite is defined as ‘persistent subcutaneous fat causing dimpling of the skin, especially on women’s hips and thighs.’ Now, in a language that everyone can understand, cellulite is the accumulation of fat that causes visible lumps on the skin. Women in ancient times embraced the cellulite that was present in their body as it symbolized femininity and was also greatly highlighted in several paintings and art forms. However, with the changing times and trends; cellulite has been viewed as an enemy to most women.

Many women don’t like to entertain the presence of lumps on their skin. This opinion is predominant because many women are unaware of what cellulite is and how it works. The skin of humans, especially females, hosts the presence of a fat layer directly under it which can cause the skin to have a bumpy appearance. The reasons for these bumps are plenty. Different people support different opinions and thus the topic of cellulite remains debatable.

  • More often than not, hormones are believed to play a role in this. This is perhaps why cellulite is more prominent in women than in men. Hormonal imbalances created in the body owing to a number of factors (such as medication, lifestyle etc.) can leave harmful effects on body systems.
  • Irregular circulation of blood throughout the body is another reason for uneven fat storage in the body.
  • Your genes also play an imperative role in determining the thickness of the skin and the overall body structure which make you vulnerable to cellulite.
  • Cellulite may also result from a tight network of tissue under the skin. If the tissue under the skin is too flexible or not flexible at all, it can lead to lumpy appearance of the fat.

Is cellulite unhealthy?

Cellulite in itself is not unhealthy since it is the fat which is a part of the human body. However, the visible presence of fat under the skin could signify unhealthy lifestyle and health problems such as excess body weight, toxin build-up or poor exercise regime.

Is cellulite solely fat?

While cellulite is often defined as the subcutaneous fat, it is not ‘just fat’. As a matter of fact, the healthy subcutaneous fat can bring out youthful, brighter and smoother appearance in the face. Many skin-enhancing procedures that aim at plumping the appearance of certain areas also include injecting extra fat beneath the surface. Therefore, cellulite is nothing but a mere manifestation of the body fat.

How to avoid cellulite?

Like every health condition, cellulite can also be reduced or less visible if one takes necessary measures. Though cellulite is by default a part of your body, preventive and precautionary measures can help you fight lumpy appearance. The most basic preventive measures include changes in the diet and the lifestyle.

  • Healthy Diet: Cellulite can be prevented by sticking to a diet that is low in unhealthy fat. Many studies support the claim that diets rich in healthy fats help reduce and eventually prevent the formation of cellulite. Healthy fats are important to keep the fat layer under the skin fed properly. Replacement of bad fats from your diet can help keep the fat layer normal and in good shape.
  • Good Exercise Regime: Exercise is the universal solution to many health problems that humans suffer from. There are a number of exercises that can be incorporated in everyday life which help in preventing cellulite. Walking, cycling and resistance training are exercises that aim at eradicating cellulite and are a good addition to your everyday routine.
  • Say No to Smoking: A few sources seem to suggest that smoking contributes to the formation of cellulite in the body. The act of smoking induces toxins into the body and toxin build-up is a known reason of cellulite formation. Smoking also affects the circulatory system affecting the blood flow throughout the body which also leads to bumps in certain areas.
  • Massages: Regular massages are considered important in preventing cellulite. Introducing different kinds of creams and scrubs are also a good way for preventing or reducing cellulite.


Hot Health
By Hot Health February 6, 2017 20:10
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