5 Potent Herbs For Healthier Blood

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By Hot Health August 31, 2016 00:27

5 Potent Herbs For Healthier Blood

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Blood is an extremely important element in our body’s makeup and it features two distinct purposes. The first is to transfer oxygen and vital nutrients TO our cells, in order to help them grow, repair and survive. On the other hand, blood also plays an important factor in removing metabolic waste away FROM our cells. For instance, this could mean transporting carbon dioxide molecules to the lungs and from there they will be expelled from the body.


While the general purpose of blood can be easy to understand, the maintenance of healthy blood can be difficult for some people. Having unhealthy blood can mean that a person does not have a high enough level of iron in their blood, resulting in them becoming anaemic. In extreme circumstances, an increasing number of white blood cells can indicate various blood cancers.


Overall, blood can be an effective indicator in understanding how healthy we are, especially when it comes to bad circulation. This can be a dangerous sign of obesity and diabetes, or even more life-threatening heart conditions. Symptoms of poor circulation can include tingling, cramping and pain in the extremeties.


It is possible to take precautions in order to ensure you maintain healthy blood. Aside from eating well, getting aerobic exercise and watching for the warning signs, here are five herbs for healthier blood. From the more familiar-sounding Burdock Root to the foreign-sounding Cat’s Claw, the following herbs offer a number of anti-cancerous and anti-inflammatory properties.



Chaparral (or greasewood) is a medicinal herb which comes from the larrea tridentata species, most commonly found in the deserts of Southern California and Northern Mexico. It can be identified by its three-toothed leaves and five yellow petals, with the actual flower diameter not usually exceeding 25mm. Traditionally, chaparral tea has been used for the treatment of the common cold, but also for alleviating pain and other symptoms. While the herb does offer anti-inflammatory properties and some cancer patients have noted its benefits, there is unfortunately not enough evidence out there to suggest that chaparral is effective in treating cancer.


Red Clover

Red Clover is a medicinal herb which comes from the trifolium pratense species, native to Europe, Western Asia and Northwest Africa. The herb features a multitude of beneficial properties including the treatment of hot flashes, PMS, lowering cholesterol and improving urine production, but in this instance, Red Clover can be very effective in improving blood circulation around the body. The herb contains chemicals called coumarins, which lower the chance of blood thickening and the risk of clots. This means that Red Clover can actually aid in preventing osteoporosis.


Burdock Root

Burdock Root is a medicinal herb which comes from the asteraceae species, Arctium. It is commonly found throughout Europe and Asia, and has been used in Chinese medicines for several generations. The root can offer relief from a wide array of illnesses and symptoms including, but not limited to, arthritis, psoriasis, ulcers, acne and eczema. It aids the blood, by lowering blood sugar, as it is full of calcium, iron, lactone, potassium and more healthy elements. Development in Russian and Indian oncology has revealed Burdock Root’s ability to slow the metastasization of cancer cells in patients.



Mistletoe is a hemiparasitic plant native to Europe and Great Britain, which attaches itself to various different trees and shrubs. Its use as a medicinal herb is somewhat controversial, due to its reputation as a poisonous plant, however it has been effective in relieving blood pressure and circulatory problems, when consumed as a tea. There has been talk of its benefit in cancer treatment, but it is still under discussion, due to the many risks involved. If one would like to try this herb, it’s important to remember that consuming raw and unprocessed mistletoe is dangerous and extremely poisonous.


Cat’s Claw

Cat’s Claw is a vine officially known as uncaria tomentosa and it can be found in the jungles of Southern and Central America. As a medicinal remedy, it has proved to be quite effective as an anti-inflammatory and for strengthening the immune system. While Cat’s Claw is a very affordable and relatively safe herb, very little research has been conducted into its beneficiaries and little information has been published.


Hot Health
By Hot Health August 31, 2016 00:27
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