5 Self-Sabotaging Habits To Stop Doing For Weight Loss Success

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By Hot Health December 12, 2017 12:37
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5 Self-Sabotaging Habits To Stop Doing For Weight Loss Success

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5 Self-Sabotaging Habits To Stop Doing For Weight Loss Success

It has been quite a long time since you have been strictly following your weight-loss regime but something has been putting it down and you don’t know what. It is no mystery that losing weight is a complex process that requires consistent effort and it is easy to get distracted from the regime.

Numerous people will give you numerous advice as to what steps to follow in order to lose weight quickly and while you may follow those steps delicately, you might end up on the same path again.

That is because more often than not, we don’t seem to realize that it is some traits in our own behavior towards our weight-loss schedule that are keeping us from achieving the weight of our dreams. There are certain self-defeating behaviors we may be practicing without even realizing that may prove a hindrance in our weight-loss journey.

  1. Failing to plan means you plan to fail: This is where most of the reason for the un-success of a weight-loss regime lies. While setting out on a journey to lose weight, it is essential to plan all things well in advance taking into account your schedule, routine, and ability to stick to the diet you are preparing for yourself. Effective planning includes making a chart of all the things you aregoing to consume in the following week and making preparations for them well in advance. Pre-planning your meals allow you to choose your dishes wisely and thereby sticking to it becomes easier. Also, pre-planned meal charts help prevent on-the-run meals—a habit that proves to be highly fruitful.
  2. Allowing ourselves to get distracted: Losing weight is a matter of dedication, hard work, effort, and as is the case with all things that require focus, it is easy to get distracted by the smallest of thing when it comes to weight-loss. To take the simplest example, it is not rare that people ditch their gym plans when they receive an offer to dine out instead. This is, in its simplest form, a distraction. And these distractions stop you from losing weight because they take you away from the consistent efforts you should be making in order to lose weight. This can be battled by making a routine and motivating oneself to stick to that routine irrespective of whatever tempts you to do otherwise. Turning off your phone when you’re about to leave for the gym is one option, telling your friends directly is another.
  3. Excuses to Justify Behaviors: It is not uncommon to have a couple of drinks or bites of the beverage or food that is forbidden when you’re on a diet. And mostly this happens when you’re with company or eating outside regularly. And when we begin to feel guilty for ditching our diet, our human nature of validating our behaviors with justifications kicks in. This is among the most harmful things that one can do while they’re working hard to maintain their diets. Therefore, it is essential to plan your diets in advance in order to avoid any contingencies.
  4. Shying away from asking for help: While for most people, weight loss is a journey they embark upon alone, it is not the case for everyone. There are people who require help in monitoring their calorie intake and burn and thus need to hire a planner or dietitian for that matter. However, most people shy away from asking for help because of the various stigmas that have been built across the whole weight gain and loss universe. Just know that if you’re unable to stay on the track of your diet alone, it is absolutely all right to ask for help from a professional or even from a friend.
  5. Fearing Failure: This is perhaps one of the most common and yet unspoken about reasons that people end up failing. It is not unusual to fear failure and many people in the apprehension of failing don’t even start at all. This is one fear that needs to be gotten over and can only be done by self-motivation. If you’re unable to convince yourself, try seeking help from a friend or a professional for that matter.
Hot Health
By Hot Health December 12, 2017 12:37
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