6 Surprising Health Boosting Benefits of Pumpkins!

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By Hot Health October 20, 2016 10:03
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6 Surprising Health Boosting Benefits of Pumpkins!

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6 Surprising Health Boosting Benefits of Pumpkins

With the air freshly tinged with Halloween, the pumpkin season is out and about in all its glory. Where you normally buy them for the scary festivities, do you know that pumpkins actually store a ton of benefits for you as well? You may be surprised, but these heavy fruits are more than scary props for the Halloween seasons. Besides being delicious, pumpkins play a major role in promoting general and heart health. To help you realize what you are missing out on, here are the ways that pumpkins help you live a healthier, fuller life!


Weight loss


pumpkins are a great weight loss food. Its calorie content of only 50 calories per cup of mashed fruit means that you can enjoy a lot of it at a very little cost. It’s filling nature also helps calm down the hunger pangs and keeps you full for long. This allows you to follow your diet and achieve weight loss relatively easily.


  • Improves digestion 


The amazing fiber content of the pumpkin improves the gastrointestinal tract movement and helps the food move along. This protects against conditions like constipation and even diseases like gastrointestinal cancer.


  • Lowers blood pressure


Pumpkin contains beneficial properties called phytoestrogens, which have a role in the maintenance of blood pressure. Research suggests that these particles contribute to lowering high blood pressure and play a major role in controlling hypertension. Experiments have been conducted that prove the role of pumpkins in lowering both systolic and diastolic pressures in mere weeks.


  • Healthy heart 


Along with blood pressure control, pumpkins also benefit the pumping organ of our body by virtue of its large quantities of fiber. Eating lots of fiber has proven to reduce the risk of heart diseases by 40%. This can be attributed to the fact that fiber binds to the fat in the diet preventing its absorption.


  • Better sleep


The tryptophan content of pumpkins contributes to aiding sleep the cycle. This amino acid is used for making the hormone serotonin, the happy hormone, in our body. The hormone aids in sleep as well as alleviates your mood, factors that can brighten up your day.


  • Improved eyesight


Pumpkins are loaded with vitamin A. This vitamin is necessary or forming the visual pigment in the eye that allows you to see at night and in the dark. Eating lots of pumpkins can help form this pigment and improve vision, especially in dim lights. Besides this, it also plays a role in preventing degenerative diseases of the retina like retinitis pigmentosa, which can potentially cause blindness.


In summary, pumpkins carry more benefits than they are credited for. Not only do they help your general health, they also play a part in benefiting your vision and heart. Some research suggests that pumpkins also play a role in promoting male sexual health. This has been linked to the high zinc content and the testosterone forming ability of the fruit. Clearly, eating pumpkins can help your bodies in many ways. It’s time we shift it from the scary venue to the table menu!

Hot Health
By Hot Health October 20, 2016 10:03
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