8 Powerful Herbs For Adrenal Fatigue

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8 Powerful Herbs For Adrenal Fatigue

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8 Powerful Herbs For Adrenal Fatigue

Before we tell you about the 8 potent herbs for adrenal fatigue, let’s find out what the condition is all about. Adrenal fatigue is a condition characterized by a poorly functioning adrenal gland commonly associated with people who are under intense mental, physical or emotional stress.

The adrenal gland makes hormones, one of which is cortisol. Cortisol helps the body deal with stress. If your life is too deeply stressful, then the adrenal glands may not pump as much hormones as you need them to, which leads to a variety of dangerous symptoms, such as an intense fatigue – hence the name Adrenal Fatigue.


There are three stages of Adrenal Fatigue…


Wired and tired 

In this stage, your cortisol levels will be very high, especially during the night, which leads to insomnia, weight gain and insulin resistance. You will feel full of energy, but in an edgy sort of way.

Stressed and tired

In this particular stage, you will feel start waking up early in the morning and find it hard to fall back asleep. Then you will feel stressed for some reason and feel even more awake. Your cortisol levels peak in the morning, go down, only to rise in the evening.


In this stage, you will be completely exhausted. It doesn’t matter how many hours of sleep you get, but your cortisol curve will be really flat during this stage and you will have low thyroid hormone and DHEA levels as well. This is the deadliest phase of adrenal fatigue and puts you at risk of contracting an autoimmune disease.

Change your lifestyle to heal Adrenal Fatigue

For sure, you can get your life back and recover from adrenal fatigue, but only as long as you follow the right adrenal diet.  This means not having any foods that you are sensitive to or foods that cause inflammation. Instead have plenty of brightly colored vegetables, gluten-free carbs and lean protein.

And yes, be sure to make these 8 potent herbs for adrenal fatigue an integral part of your lifestyle. Let’s find out more about these herbs.

Ashwagandha – Ashwagandha is an ancient herb that is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. It is known to be very effective at curing insomnia and other stress-induced sleeping problems. Withanolides is a type of alkaloid and is the most active compound used in Ashwagandha. Ashwagandha is known to enhance the DHEA-S levels as well as testosterone levels in men.

There are several different ways of taking Ashwagandha. You can take it in the tablet form or as a liquid tonic. Generally, you should take 2 g of Ashwagandha on a daily basis. Some Ayurvedic practitioners advocate taking up to 7 g of Ashwagandha. It should be taken before going to sleep.

Licorice – Licorice is a herb that has been used by several different cultures in the world to address issues related to the adrenal cortex and ulcers. Licorice contains triterpenoid saponins that directly impact the cortisol-cortisone balance in the body.

The most active compound in licorice is glycyrrhizin. Licorice should not be taken in excess it has a strong effect on the kidneys, which increases the blood pressure and affects the sodium and potassium balance. For best effect, licorice should be taken in a dose of 1.75 – 5.25 g per day.

Licorice has been associated with a number of health benefits such as better iron absorption, fat modulation, better blood glucosecontrol, better hormonal balance in women. Licorice is known to lower inflammation and heal the gut lining.

Korean Ginseng – Korean Ginseng is widely used in traditional western herbal medicine to treat physical or mental exhaustion. It builds immunity and lowers stress. Korean ginseng is also one of the most important herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In China, the Korean ginseng is believed to help people live longer and to reinforce vital energy. There have been many studies done recently on the effectiveness of Korean ginseng.

It is believed to improve memory as well as insulin sensitivity, treat conditions such as headache, insomnia, depression and fatigue in women. Yes, it is given to patients suffering from adrenal fatigue as well. For best effect, take no more than 100 mg of Korean ginseng, one to four times a day, with or without food.

Eleuthero – Eleuthero is what is called as an adaptogen herb, which means it improves cognition, makes you sharper, and fights stress. There’s been a lot of research done on adaptogens.

Adaptogens act as mild stressors to the body, and build the body’s protective response to higher levels of stress or to bigger external stressors. That’s why adaptogen herbs such as eleuthero are given to patients suffering from stress or symptoms that are closely identified with adrenal fatigue.

Rhodiola – Rhodiola is a powerful adaptogenic herb, much like Eleuthero. It has been used in a number of tests and human trials related to stress management and treatment of acute fatigue. It is believed to improve mental capacity and treat mild depression.

The Rhodiola rosea root extract is rich in rosavins and salidroside. Rhodiola works by regulating the hormones and chemicals in the body that are responsible for stress such as cortisols, molecular chaperones (or HSP70), nitric oxide and protein kinases. 

Rhodiola is given to those battling adrenal fatigue because of its ability to increase stamina in patients, reduce fatigue, improve mental acuity and fight stress and anxiety. Generally, you should take 3 to 12 g of Rhodiola extract on a daily basis.

Rehmannia – Rehmannia is an herb that is widely used in Chinese medicine. It works in the same manner as licorice does and works as a perfect tonic for those suffering from fatigue. Rehmannia offers excellent support to the adrenal glands.

It fights adrenal depletion, improves the functioning of the immune system and lowers risk of patients getting an autoimmune disease during the advanced stage of adrenal fatigue. For best effect you should take 750 mg to 2,250 mg of Rehmannia per day in a tablet form or in the liquid form.

Astragalus – Astragalus is a popular herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is widely used in the West as well, along with other herbs such as Eleuthero and Rehmannia. Astragalus is a powerful tonic and helps to fight fatigue. It offers excellent support to the adrenal glands.

Astragalus is rich in compounds such as isoflavonoids, polysaccharide fractions, saponins, gaba-aminobutryic acid and triterpenoids. Astralagus is known to enhance growth hormone levels, reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, improve blood flow and water balance.

Astralagus should be taken in a combination with Eleuthero and Rehmannia. It can be taken in the liquid form or as a tablet in the solid form. The recommended dosage for Astralagus is between 2.5 g to 3.4 g. It usually takes 1 to 2 months before patients start feeling its effect.

Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) – Gingko is a popular herb in Asia, which is well known for its neuroprotective effects and for its ability to improve blood circulation. Gingko lowers stress levels in most people and helps to lower stress levels in the body. Gingko is very effective at regulating cortisol levels, which is why it is so highly recommended to those suffering from adrenal fatigue.

However, it is important to understand that not all gingko extracts are the same. You should have gingko extracts that consist of 6 percent ginkgolides and bilobalides and 24 percent ginkgo flavones and glycosides. Ginkgo supplements are available in the tablet form and is very easy to consume. Some patients, however, prefer to have gingko in the liquid form – nothing wrong with that.

If you are suffering from adrenal fatigue, it would really help to have 120 – 240 mg of gingko extracts on a daily basis. Gingko should be taken in several different doses, in the morning and evening. You can have it with food or without food.


So these are the 8 most potent herbs for adrenal fatigue. If you have adrenal fatigue or find yourself with any of the symptoms of the condition, visit a doctor immediately and get yourself checked. It is important to get your doctor’s opinion before getting started with any of the herbs listed here as a cure for adrenal fatigue.

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By Hot Health August 24, 2016 17:03
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