Had One Too Many Drinks? Take Activated Charcoal!

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By Hot Health November 29, 2016 07:38

Had One Too Many Drinks? Take Activated Charcoal!

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Activated Charcoal – What Is It and Why We Should Use It


Activated charcoal is a powerful natural treatment for poisoning and drug overdoses. It is used in emergency trauma centers and should be a part of every emergency home kit. It’s a powerful natural treatment which traps harmful toxins and chemicals in the body, so that they can be flushed out quickly and efficiently.

Activated charcoal is made from a number of different sources, but it is best to obtain it from natural sources, such as coconut shells. Apart from its uses against drug overdoses and poisoning, activated charcoal is used to reduce bloating and gas, lower high cholesterol levels, help you recover faster from hangovers, and to treat bile flow problems during pregnancy.

There are situations when the stomach needs to be pumped, to get rid of poison or drugs from the system. Activated charcoal is the safe way to do that.


How to Take Activated Charcoal?

You can use activated charcoal to brush your teeth as it whitens them naturally. Keep it close at hand, especially if you have small children in the house, as there’s always a chance that your child could ingest toxins or harmful chemicals – so you must always be prepared for such situations.

But don’t just depend on activated charcoal in an emergency situation. Call a poison control center in time, keep the emergency numbers on your speed dial.

What activated charcoal does is to help with certain cases of food poisoning, insect bites – it’s one of the best ways to treat spider bites. Don’t hesitate to consult with a doctor or medical professional before using activated charcoal, especially when you have an underlying health issue.

Activated charcoal is not toxic by any means. But you should have it a few hours before taking any medication or vitamins, as it prevents the body from absorbing them.  

It’s also very important to buy the highest quality of activated charcoal. Remember, activated charcoal is not the same as the charcoal obtained from the ashes got from burning wood. These ashes are practically worthless, so don’t use them!

When you take activated charcoal, you should drink at least 15 to 16 glasses of water per day; otherwise you could suffer from dehydration. This also allows for more toxins to be flushed out and prevents constipation.


Benefits of Activated Charcoal

Here are some of the biggest benefits of activated charcoal and why you should use it…


#1: It prevents gum disease and whitens your teeth.



As said earlier, you should brush your teeth with activated charcoal every day. This helps to whiten the teeth and is good for your oral health. It prevents gum disease, prevents cavities and restores the pH balance in the mouth. It prevents the teeth from becoming stained from drinking coffee, tea or beer, or from smoking.

Here’s how to do it – wet your toothbrush and dip into the activated charcoal powder. Brush your teeth as you normally do, especially on areas that show visible signs of staining. Sip water, rinse well and spit out, till everything is clear. You should do this about three times a week for best results. But seek a dentist’s advice first, as sometimes the teeth can become too sensitive for this sort of treatment.


#2: It prevents gas and bloating.


One of the biggest advantages of activated charcoal is that it prevents uncomfortable gas and bloating. There was a study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology which found that activated charcoal prevented the formation of intestinal gas following the consumption of a heavy meal.

How to take it? Take 500 mg of activated charcoal an hour before your meal, along with a full glass of water. Have another full glass of water immediate after that, so that the charcoal can be fully absorbed into your system, where it will combine with gas producing elements and prevent the formation of gas and bloating.


#3: Helps to dilute some of the dangerous effects of over consumption of alcohol.


One of the biggest advantages of activated charcoal is that it helps with the quick and efficient removal of toxins from the body that cause poisoning. This makes it very effective as a detoxifying agent. That’s why it is used in alcohol detox programs. Also, when you take it at the same time as you take alcohol, it reduces blood alcohol concentration, which prevents acute poisoning from alcohol. It also helps you recover faster from hangovers.


#4: Emergency removal of toxins from the body.


Activated charcoal helps to move toxins and chemicals from out the bloodstream, in case you happen to ingest anything poisonous. That’s because it binds itself to organic compounds, fertilizer, pesticides, mercury and other dangerous chemicals, and eliminates them from the body quickly, preventing their absorption into the bloodstream.

This can potentially save someone from death in case of an accidental or purposeful overdose of a pharmaceutical drug.

It’s important to take the right amount of activated charcoal and to take it immediately after ingesting toxic substances. Adults should take about 50 to 100 grams of activated charcoal immediately after the ingestion of a poisonous substance.

Children should be given 10 to 25 grams, as soon as possible, if parents suspect food poisoning. You must take more than adequate water when consuming activated charcoal. 


#5: It is used in water filtration systems.


Activated charcoal is used in water filtration systems as it traps impurities in the water, such as pesticides, solvents, chemical, toxic substances, industrial waste, etc. It does not, however, trap bacteria and virus, but it does allow you to get rid of the larger impurities.

A study by the Journal of the Canadian Dental Association has found that adding activated charcoal to water filtration systems removes fluoride from the water. Fluoride affects your teeth, kidneys and the functioning of the immune system, which is why it is so important to remove it from the water.

 Activated charcoal filters are very popular and help to cleanse tap water of chemicals, toxins and fluoride.

Word of caution: When purchasing, it MUST say ACTIVATED Charcoal on the label. 


Hot Health
By Hot Health November 29, 2016 07:38
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