Living With Color Blindness – Click Here to Learn More

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By Hot Health December 3, 2016 16:07

Living With Color Blindness – Click Here to Learn More

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All you need to know about Color Blindness

Our vision—and subsequently our ability to see—is one of the many blessings that we take for granted. It is not until we come across someone who suffers from a visual ailment that we acknowledge the blessing that is our vision. Often, we tend to take visual ailments for granted. We help anyone who cannot distinguish between red and maroon as ‘color blind’. But there is, obviously, more to color blindness than just being able to separate one shade of a color from another.

What is Color Blindness?

  • Formally known as Color Vision Deficiency, color blindness is the reduced capability to see colors or difference in colors.
  • This eye condition makes it difficult for an affected individual to perform the simplest of tasks such as picking fruits and shopping clothes.
  • Typically, a color-blind person finds it difficult to distinctively identify red, green, blue and other hues. These three colors are the most common shades that lose their original appearance in the eyes of a color-blind person.
  • It affects men more than women because the gene responsible for the condition is found in the X chromosome. Since women host two X chromosomes, the defect in one is easily compensated for by the other but the same is not possible in men who only host one X chromosome.

Diagnosis, Types and Treatments

The simplest—and the most effective way to diagnose any case of color blindness is to let your optometrist perform a color vision exam on your eyes. This is recommended as a professional and qualified optometrist can guide you in the long run. The most common color vision test performed includes detecting red/green color impairments and defects in a person’s vision.

There is no proven treatment or cure for color blindness. However, diagnosis allows a person to adapt to the changed style. Though it is mostly genetic, there are instances when it is caused by old age, eye injury, or as a side effect of a medication. It is therefore the cause that determines the treatment as would be required.

There are special lenses that may help people suffering from red-green color blindness under bright conditions. The most known type of color blindness is red-green color blindness followed by blue-yellow followed by complete color blindness. The advancement of technology witnesses some mobile apps that can potentially assist people in identifying colors.

Hot Health
By Hot Health December 3, 2016 16:07
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