Is Coumadin (Warfarin) A Secret Culprit Contributing to Your Hair Loss?

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By Hot Health October 22, 2016 18:34

Is Coumadin (Warfarin) A Secret Culprit Contributing to Your Hair Loss?

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Coumadin (Warfarin) and Hair Loss 

Hair loss is a commonly discussed problem in our society today. The problem is, there is no one cause of the disorder. Rather, multiple factors combine to augment each other, resulting in rapid hair loss. So, how do you determine what is the reason behind your condition? Well, you can’t just pinpoint the cause, but by knowing what factors can cause hair loss, you can try to avoid them to save yourself from one more cause of the disease.

Among the many causes and factors that result in the disease, one factor is Coumadin, the blood-thinning drug that is often prescribed to heart attack and stroke patients. It’s also prescribed to patients suffering with deep vein thrombosis. Besides this, it is also frequently given to people suffering from a DVT or to prevent migration of the clot to the head (stroke) or heart (heart attack). The medication has several side effects, but one significant, yet overlooked one is hair loss.

Although your doctor may not consider it necessary to inform you of the likelihood of hair loss as it is not considered one of the serious effects amid the other problems which include, allergic reactions, pains in stomach, skin changes and weight gain. In addition to this, there are also side effects including nosebleeds, headaches, confusions and weakness in the body. These are the more serious side effects of the drug. Aside from these, the less serious side effects include general nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite.

Between the many side effects of the disease, potential excessive hair loss is often ignored. Little do patients realize that they are slowly transitioning into a drug induced hair loss because of Coumadin

Although there is no treatment for hair loss as a result of Coumadin. However, you can do certain things that will help revert the condition or shift it to a bare minimum. The measures include:

  • Hair regrowth will be stimulated once you complete the medication and stop it completely. The body escapes from the influence of the drug and shifts towards better hair growth. However, if your heart condition and stroke chances are high, this may not be an option for you (and your physician might refuse to take you off it).
  • Substitute medications, there are a number of medications that you can use in place if coumadin. Discuss with your doctor if the hair loss is severe. This will eliminate the side effects and improve your hair condition.
  • Coenzyme Q10, there has been ongoing research about the benefits of this vitamin for preventing hair loss. However, there hasn’t been much proof about the matter. At the same time, it’s advised to consult your doctor before incorporating any supplements due to the risk of harmful interaction.
  • Low Molecular Weight Heparin, known by the names of Lovenox, Fragmin or Innohep can also be used instead of coumadin. These do not have the side effect of hair loss and also share the property of blood thinning with coumadin so it can act as a good substitute. However, any such switches should be made only with reference by your doctor.

Coumadin shouldn’t be used if you suffer with conditions such as bleeding disorders, anemia, stomach ulcers, aneurysms or infections because of its blood thinning effects.

What’s more, many other drugs and herbal remedies can interact with the medication to further accentuate the hair loss. The problem is, there is a confusion as to whether this hair loss is due to the drug or due to the underlying diseases which the drug is targeted to treat. Whatever the cause, the kind of hair loss is reversible, so proper assessment and control can treat the condition. So, are you suffering from hair loss? Check your medications, the culprit might be lurking closer than you think.

Hot Health
By Hot Health October 22, 2016 18:34
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