Diabetes and Its Role in Excessive Hair Loss

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By Hot Health October 22, 2016 22:58

Diabetes and Its Role in Excessive Hair Loss

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Diabetes and Excessive Hair Loss 

Hair loss has troubled men and women for ages and it’s not too far from thought on the minds of many. There are many reasons behind this problem, but a common link that scientists have discovered is hair loss in diabetics. The link is so evident that doctors now associate hair loss as a sign of diabetes and recommend an immediate checkup if any such signs are visible, especially if you have a strong family history of the disease. So, what is the reason behind this hair loss? How does diabetes actually cause hair loss? We have compiled important information in this article to give you an idea of why diabetes causes hair loss?

Diabetes is related to insulin deficiency, which is actually the hormone responsible or the regulation of blood sugar. Now, hair loss is linked to deficiencies of this hormone. Furthermore, lack of insulin also makes the person susceptible to a number of diseases, including peripheral vascular disease, heart attacks, and stroke. The reasons why diabetes induces hair loss includes:

  • Hormonal imbalance, along with the insulin loss, diabetes is also likely to affect other hormonal systems in your body and disrupt the delicate balance. This can result in low levels or fluctuations in estrogen, which is the female hormone, ultimately leading to hair loss. These fluctuations are a common feature of pregnancy as well, explaining why hair falls so rapidly in these conditions too.
  • Blood circulation, diabetes results in excessive glucose in the blood. This glucose acts on the blood vessels, harming them. This results in the constriction of the blood vessel and ultimately reduced blood supply to the extremities. The consequence of this is that the hair follicles on the scalp receive less nutrition and dry off. This induces hair loss and rapid balding.
  • Medications, many diabetics have to take medication to keep their diabetes under control. They can have potential side effects resulting in hair loss. The side effect does not occur in every patient, but immediate consultation is advised if it does.
  • Weakened immune system, diabetes is one of those diseases that attack the immune system to decrease your bodies fighting capacity. This makes you susceptible to a number of diseases, including fungal diseases, ringworm infections, and others. These infections can then cause hair loss in a patchy pattern. Besides this, the lowered immunity and high blood glucose also delay healing which is why it takes so long for any sores to heal.
  • Autoimmune disease is common among diabetics and frequently result in chronic inflammation. This can then cause persistent hair loss.

Other diseases, including thyroid dysfunction, pernicious anemia, and even skin rashes can also shift your hair towards hair loss. This is why it is so important to treat the condition as an important factor and not just wave it away. Catching any of these diseases early can help you treat them more effectively. So, if hair is being lost in excessive amounts, don’t just presume it’s natural, there might be other sinister reasons hiding behind it.

Hot Health
By Hot Health October 22, 2016 22:58
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