Different Types of Acne Scars and The Treatment Available For Them

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By Hot Health October 24, 2016 20:42
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Different Types of Acne Scars and The Treatment Available For Them

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Did you know there are different types of acne scars? Most of us are aware of the different types of acne, as some of us have experienced one or more of them at one point in our life. In this article, we examine the various types of acne scars and the potential treatment available for them.

Ice pick scars resemble holes created by an ice pick, or a tiny sharp object. Sizeable Ice Park scars mirror that of sizeable pores in the skin. They are thin and profound stretching into the dermis layer of the skin. People who receive treatment for blemishes and cystic acne are often left with these types of marks after they improve.

Scars that are considered larger and wider than Icepark scars are called Boxcar scars. They have steep vertical sides and can develop round or oval in shape. Boxcar scars look like scars from chicken pox. They create pits in the skin. Inflammatory breakouts developed from tissue loss create these form of scars.

Rolling Scars are smooth but appear to have a wave-like appearance to them. Fibrous tissue bands are created between the skin layers. The epidermal layer is pulled by the fibrous tissue bands causing it to bind to the structure rooted within the skin layers. Subcision or Subcutaneous incision are the preferred surgical method for treatment for Rolling Scars.

Keloid scars also known as Hypertrophic scars are hard and bumpy in nature. They are usually larger than the initial lesion. They develop as a result of too much collagen being created during the repairing stage. Steroid injections, creams and specific tapes are the preferred treatment for them.

Chemical peels are recommended in situations where smoothing and leveling out the skin is needed. Chemicals are recommended to help the skin welt and peel revealing a fresh even layer of epidermis. Dermabrasion or Microdermabrasion application removes the top layer in an abrasive matter. This also helps reveals an evenly surface. Soft tissue augmentation uses derma fillers to fill in the open pores in the skin. The injection site is lifted to the skin’s level creating a more cohesive texture.

Lasers of laser skin rejuvenation procedures helps fade and even scars.

Some patients with severe acne scarring opt for surgery to remove the scars. These are usually less invasive procedures such as subcutaneous and Subcision incisions, or punch excision or punch elevations. They work by either clearing away or raising up the acne scars. Once completed, the surgery site is kept in place by stitches or incision glue.

Quite a few prescription and non-prescription creams for mild scaring are available in the market today. Consider scheduling an appointment with your Dermatologist about your acne scars and the many treatments they have available for you.

Hot Health
By Hot Health October 24, 2016 20:42
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