4 Simple DIY Natural Remedies for Dry and Cracked Heels and Elbows

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By Hot Health October 25, 2016 21:27
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4 Simple DIY Natural Remedies for Dry and Cracked Heels and Elbows

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Treating Dry and Cracked Heels and Elbows

Dry, cracked and rough heels and elbows are perhaps a skin condition that is common to all humans on the Earth. It’s triggered by dry climate and surroundings but the augmenting amount of dust and dirt in the air can cause the skin to dry and crack up even in areas with moist climate. Sometimes, the dryness and cracks in the heels, more often than the elbows, are linked to fungal infections and is mostly witnessed in people with super-sensitive skin. Whatever the cause may be, the dryness of the heels and elbows is caused by some common factors and can be overcome by some of the most natural, homemade and basic treatments.


Figuring Out Your Wrong Habits

The condition of your skin usually depends on your lifestyle, diet and everyday routine. That is why there are certain changes that you can make in your habits to get yourself a smooth, soft skin. Some common habits that all humans share and which contribute to the roughening of areas such as elbows include leaning on elbows for prolonged duration. This could be while you are standing or sitting. Prolonged standing has the similar effects on your heels. While this is not an absolute solution, curtailing these habits do lead to minimization in the condition.


Natural and Homemade Remedies for Dry and Cracked Heels and Elbows


  • Natural Oils



Oils for dry skin! That has been the remedy since antiquity. But what is important is what kind of oils you apply on your skin. There are a plethora of skin-softening oils that you can use on your skin for efficient outcomes. Virgin variants of coconut oil, olive oil, hemp oil and argan oil are some oils that show a variety of benefits. The usage of oils is not limited to heels and elbows. They can be applied anywhere on the body for lubricating the skin. In fact, in some parts of South India, people use coconut oil as moisturizer after taking a bath.


  • Banana Peel


A little unconventional, this remedy is quite effective when it comes to healing cracked skin. Bananas are rich in minerals and vitamins which combined with their antifungal and antibiotic properties can prove effective for healing dry skin. The trick is to rub the banana peel on dry skin in circular motion.


  • Homemade Scrubs


Another great way to moisturize your skin naturally is to make scrubs naturally at home. You can combine ingredients such as salt, sugar, olives and essential oils at home without chemicals and make an absolute natural scrub.


  • Moisturizing From The Inside Out


Moisturizing the body does not only mean applying a cream or moisturizer on the surface. Sometimes the skin that appears dry on the outside can be dry from the inside also. This means that your body, and its metabolic functions, can be lacking important vitamins, minerals and fats which are required to keep the body naturally moisturized. It therefore becomes imperative that you regularly consume healthy foods and essential fats. Some of these foods include olive oil, avocado, salmon and other fish etc. to increase the elasticity of the body.

Hot Health
By Hot Health October 25, 2016 21:27
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