6 Interesting Ways Donating Blood Could Keep You Healthy

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By Hot Health January 4, 2017 14:33
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6 Interesting Ways Donating Blood Could Keep You Healthy

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Donate blood, stay healthy!

Did you know that January is National Blood Donor Month? We all have blood coursing through our veins, in fact, each one of us has about ten pints of it in our body. This is enough to keep us healthy. However, sometimes, these volumes can decrease drastically, due to some unfortunate accident, during surgeries or even in some blood diseases. In these cases, the volume of blood may decrease to such low levels which are incompatible with life.

You would be surprised by how many people die just because of bleeding out. Blood isn’t something that we can create artificially, it is a natural body fluid which human bodies make. Furthermore, we can’t be given blood of other animals, as that too is incompatible with our systems.

What’s more, you may have heard that even in humans, there are certain blood groups that are rarer than others. If these people with rare blood have a need for blood, finding it for them can be difficult if not an impossible feat. This is why, hospitals have blood banks, where people can donate blood and store it to help other people in need. You may be surprised, but there are actually numerous people out there who need blood on a daily basis. In fact, the need is so great that in the US, a person needs blood every 2 seconds. Here are some more interesting facts as provided by the Red Cross.

  • Up to 36,000 units of packed red cells are transfused every single day in the US alone.
  • 10,000 units of pure plasma fluid, which contains all the necessary proteins and clotting factors are transfused daily in the US.
  • 7,000 units of platelets are transfused every day for those in dire need, again, in the US alone.
  • Up to 100,000 people in the US are battling sickle cell disease, needing blood pints regularly, and the number of sickle cell cases is increased by 1,000 every year.
  • 1.68 million People in the US will have been diagnosed with cancer in 2016 and will likely need regular blood transfusions.
  • The actual blood donation takes only 10-12 minutes to complete.
  • Only a single pint of blood is taken from your body in a single donation.
  • Your body can replace the donated blood in less than 6 weeks.
  • The donated blood has to be used within 42 days to be effective.

Despite all these radical statistics, it is sad to see that not much of our population is willing to give blood. Interestingly, of the 38% of the US population that is eligible to give blood, less than 10% actually step forward. Considering the rising demands above, this number should be much greater. More and more people should volunteer. You never know when your blood made the difference between life and death for a person. Furthermore, you should know that the process is completely sterile and safe. You are given a mini medical exam to assess your own condition first, so you don’t need to worry about your health. On the contrary, donating blood has benefits for your body also.

Donating blood health benefits

  1. Free health check-up, you get to keep your own health statistics in check. People who donate blood get regular checkups and can catch any problems as soon as they start, which gives them a better chance to beat it.
  1. The joy and satisfaction of helping others are unparalleled. You achieve the mental and emotional joy of having done a good deed for mankind. Believe it or not, this reflects as happiness in your daily life, helping you feel content with yourself.
  1. Reduced risk of heart diseases, regular donation of blood helps keep all the nutrients and the blood production factory of your body circulating. According to research studies, people who have high iron build up in the body, have a higher chance of suffering with heart disease and possibly suffering from a heart attack later on. The conclusion is those who donate blood on a regular basis reduce their chances of heart disease and heart attack because they’re removing excess iron from the body (this is especially important for men – as their iron levels on average, tend to be higher than women). Instead, regularly stimulated, and your circulation is refreshed and cleaned every few months.
  1. Burns calories, yes donating blood can help you burn up to 650Kcal per session. That’s a lot considering the 10-15 min interval of the actual process.
  1. Reduce risk of developing cancer, research has proven that phlebotomy, or removal of blood, is associated with a reduced risk of cancer. Why waste the precious blood. Instead, you can donate this to people in need and claim the benefit also. 
  1. Lower blood pressure, excess iron in the blood has been linked to hypertension and diabetes. Results from a metabolic syndrome study that focused on iron reduction, noted the patients donating blood during the course of the study saw a drop in their blood pressure levels, as well as their blood glucose levels, heartbeat rate and cholesterol levels

All these benefits lie in store for you. They are just in addition to the benefits of giving it to others. As mentioned above, there are certain blood groups that are rarer than others. The most in demand group in the blood group O. However, the rarest blood groups are B negative and AB negative, with less than 2 and 1% of the world population having this blood group respectively. You can imagine how difficult it can be to find a person to donate these rare blood groups. If blood banks run out, getting hold of a person who actually has this group can be almost impossible. This is why the government and health organizations urge you to donate blood frequently. It won’t affect you badly in any way, on the contrary, it will benefit your health, and however, it can save the life of the other person.

This year, step out to take part in this life-saving mission. Donate blood to save lives. You never know when someone is in need of that specific pint of blood that you just volunteered. The Red Cross and the medical staff encourage people to donate blood frequently. The entire process is sterilized to make things safe both for the person who donates and the receiver. With diseases on the rise and accidents and disasters striking every other day, the need to fill blood banks is more needed than ever.

You can also save a life. Donate today.

Hot Health
By Hot Health January 4, 2017 14:33
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