5 Uncommon Benefits of Dry Brushing Your Skin

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By Hot Health September 16, 2016 21:28
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5 Uncommon Benefits of Dry Brushing Your Skin

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Dry Brushing: The Benefits

Brushing your hair and your teeth are daily rituals which anyone hardly forgets, however, not many give similar consideration to their skin. Do you brush your skin? Yes, you heard us right! It may sound peculiar, but your skin does need a good brushing now and then. Along with all the other vanities, brushing your skin is also very important. With the passing time, dry brushing the skin is actually gaining fame. Many spas now actually offer to give you a great brushing session! So, what is dry brushing and what is all this fuss about? To answer this question, we have compiled the many benefits of dry brushing to help you understand, what you are actually missing out on.

Before we meddle into the benefits of dry brushing, let’s first give you an intro to what it really is. Dry brushing your skin is just what the name suggests. It involves using a dry brush to gently brush over your skin in a specific pattern. This is usually done before a shower. Normally, the brushing is started at extremities and slowly but steadily the brush moves towards the heart so that the brush strokes are in the direction of lymph flow draining it all towards the chest. You can brush daily, and it is suggested you undertake the task in the morning. Starting with the feet, you need to apply long gentle strokes of the brush towards the heart in consecutive 10 repetitions. The same is done with the hands. So, in effect, it isn’t really that much trouble,

So, why should one spend time indulging in dry brushing? Are there any benefits specifically related to it? You might be surprised, but there are actually many. This might be the reason why dry brushing is gaining popularity everywhere. As a starting point, dry brushing is a very relaxing process, a feeling that can only be acknowledged by those who have experienced it. In addition to this, it also:


  • Acts as an excellent exfoliator, the dry firm bristles of the brush helps remove the dead layer of cells to let the healthy brand new skin shine through, making dry brushing one of the most effective, natural ways to exfoliate. This gives you softer and glowing skin that you always wished for.


  • Cleans pores of the entire body. This use is due to the removal of excess oil and dirt from the surface of the skin, which helps maintain a cleaner environment around the pores, preventing them from getting dirty and clogged.


  • Helps support the lymph system, a significant part of our immunity against harmful organisms, the lymphatic system is present in every organ and tissue. The channels for the lymph are situated immediately below the skin, which is why dry brushing is considered to help move the lymph in the right direction. Regular brushing episodes help the lymph flow a lot, which in turn contributes to the natural detoxification of your body.


  • Cellulite reversal, there are increasing accounts of people who claim to have reduced the cellulite content of their body with simple dry brushing. Those fat pads may actually be lessened by the gentle strokes of a dry brush, which is motivation enough to give the brushing session a shot.


  • Energy boost and increased blood flow, the repeated brush strokes are a major stimulation for increased blood flow. This increased circulation might as well be the reason why dry brushing causes energy boosts as well. This is why it is usually done in the morning.


With the above-stated benefits, it is evident how a simple brush can help you in so many ways. What’s more, the experience is actually quite relaxing and pleasant to the senses, which can also act as a stress release. Of course, you can’t expect the process to work miracles overnight, but If done with persistence, it can give you the soft, beautiful and healthy skin that you always wished for. Looking at the benefits of dry brushing, we are all in for trying it ourselves. Are you?

Hot Health
By Hot Health September 16, 2016 21:28
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