15 Best Fruits To Eat for Healthy Kidneys

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By Hot Health September 2, 2016 23:34
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15 Best Fruits To Eat for Healthy Kidneys

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15 Best Fruits To Eat for Healthy Kidneys

Ever wondered what fruits to eat when trying to cleanse your kidneys from its nasty impurities? Many individuals hold misconceptions on which fruit should be consumed to most effectively purify your kidneys, and consequently attempt in vain digesting fruits that provide them with un-encouraging results. However the simple list of the fifteen most important fruits to eat when cleansing your kidneys has been compiled below so you can feel healthy and livelier in no time at all!

The list includes fruits that are categorized as anti-inflammatory in order to comply with the new emerging “anti-inflammatory diet”.  Medical Physicians have explained that the anti-inflammatory diet is ideal in maintaining an overall good health. This diet is not only important in purifying kidneys but can also reduce the risk of heart disease, maintain existing cardiac issues in check, reduce blood pressure and provide comfort to stiff arthritic joints. This is due to the fact that certain fruits contain natural chemicals termed as “Phytochemicals” which can assist in reducing inflammation. These diets also assist in weight reduction which creates a win-win situation.

Many people suffer from painful inflammation which can simply be described as your tissues becoming irritated due to injury or infection. Some common symptoms that are experienced include swelling, red discoloration, heat, stiffness and limited motion. It is possible that the inflammation experienced may be an indication of a more severe illness such as Crohn’s disease which can ultimately lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

Health experts agree that through simply consuming anti-inflammatory fruits and vegetables, you may be able to considerably relieve your inflammation pain and reduce the risk of you becoming inflicted with some serious illnesses that may impair your quality of life. Through incorporating anti-inflammatory foods within your diet, you can be able to enjoy life to a greater extent through looking and feeling healthy! You can easily convert to the anti-inflammatory diet by simply adding more of the fruits listed below. So start today and allow the power of anti-inflammatory fruits and vegetables fight back against the impurities that may plague your kidney and let the nutrients that are provided from eating such anti-inflammatory foods nourish and cleanse your filtration organs so you can start feeling energetic again!


List of the best 15 Kidney cleansing Fruit:



best fruit for kidneys


These are considered to have the highest nutrient andantioxidant content and are many times classified as the “super food.”  These can assist in weight loss tactics as half a cup of cranberries contains only 25 calories. Health benefits of consuming cranberries include prevention of certain types of cancer, improved immune function and decreased blood pressure. They play a significant role in treating urinary tract infections and also contain anti-inflammatory properties, making them agents that may definitely assist in cleansing your kidneys!



fruits that lower blood presuure


These have been determined to play a key role in helping kidney diseases that are usually provoked by high-fat diets, which happen to be one of the most common causes of issues involving the kidney. Professionals believe that grape seed and skins should be recommended as a preventative supplement to patients at high risk of obesity-induced kidney disease. This is due to the reason that each part of a grape is intensely concentrated with antioxidants, which protect your body against the harmful effects of oxidative stress and counteract cell-killing free radicals and may ultimately purify and cleanse the kidney.



grapefruit and kidneys


These are found to contain a natural product termed as “naringenin” that has the ability to prevent the formation of kidney cysts. Naringenin has been discovered to effectively inhibit the creation of kidney cysts, an effect that occurs in polycystic kidney disease through regulating proteins that are responsible for the disease, which if left untreated can result in drastic health consequences.  Therefore through incorporating grapefruit within your diet you can prevent these harmful kidney related illnesses and catalyse the purification process of your kidney!



fruits lower blood pressue


Oranges contain concentrated amounts of natural citrate which are imperative in preventing and controlling the formation of kidney stones. Studies indicate that those who consumed orange juice had increased levels of citrate within their urine and decreased urine acidity which in turn reduced their risk of forming kidney stones. Therefore by consuming oranges you can reduce your risk of kidney stones and also assist in cleansing it.



watermelon and kidneys


Watermelons carry large quantities of potassium, which assists in cleansing thetoxic depositions trapped within the kidneys. Moreover, it reduces the concentration of uric acid in the blood and which in turn reduces the risk of kidney damage and the formation of renal calculi. In addition to this its large water content can cause frequent urinating, which provides further assistance in cleansing the kidneys.



fruits lower blood pressure

These contain a substantial amount of antioxidant compounds that are termed as anthocyanidins which are important for your well being. They also carry natural compounds which hold the ability to reduce inflammation as well as vitamin C and fibre. Not only this but they also contain manganese which encourages healthy bones, creating blueberries to be an extremely important fruit for your diet.



apples and healthy kidneys

Apples contain low quantities of potassium that also acts as a natural cleanser for the body. They assist in keeping your kidneys cleansed without the side effect of too frequent urination. Apples are another source of protective Vitamin C, as well as the antioxidant quercetin which is also linked to heart health and cancer prevention. These fruits are also a source of pectin  a type of soluble fibre  that’s ideal for diabetics as it slows down blood sugar and removes excess cholesterol. So not only are apples great for possibly cleansing your kidney, but they are also beneficial for other illnesses as well!



pumpkin spice reduces inflammation


Pumpkins serve as excellent sources of provitamin A beta-carotene and vitamin A, Vitamin C is also present within pumpkins however in moderate content. Due to their high water content they are a refreshing and rejuvenating food item that supply carbohydrates and protein to your body and thus are great to incorporate within your diet so you can significantly improve your overall complete health and wellbeing. 



Papaya and Kidneys


The skins, pulp and seeds of the papaya fruit contain a variety ofphytochemicals, including carotenoids and polyphenols. These are antioxidants that when incorporated into your diet assist in maintaining health and prevent the occurrences of certain illnesses and a few types of cancers. You can easily slip this fruit into your diet by slicing it and mixing it into a fresh fruit salad and enjoy its delicious taste whilst also reaping its numerous health benefits!



fruit and kidney cleansing


Cucumbers contain a large number of antioxidants, including beta-carotene and vitamin C. Cucumbers also contain antioxidant flavonoids such as quercetin, apigenin and luteolin, which provide the body with other health benefits.  Quercetin is considered a potent antioxidant that could potentially prevent histamine release which makes quercetin-rich foods “natural antihistamines.” Kaempferol is thought to assist in combating cancer as well as lowering your chances of developing chronic diseases which includes heart disease. It’s easy to incorporate this food in your every day diet; you could simply add it to a salad to enjoy its fresh cool flavour and also help nourish your body at the same time. 



kidney cleansing fruit

Strawberries can act as a powerful source of antioxidant which promotes vitamin C and manganese. They are also an excellent source of dietary fiber, iodine, and folate as well as being a great supplier of vitamin B6, biotin, copper, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, phosphorus, and potassium. All of these vitamins and minerals are extremely important in maintaining your well being and thus it is imperative that you begin including as many strawberries within your diet as possible, which can be quite easily done. Organic strawberries taste great on their own, but can also be enjoyed within a fresh summer fruit salad.



fruits lower blood pressure

Bananas contain high levels of potassium and vitamin B6 as well as having substantial levels of vitamin C, magnesium and manganese. They are also a great source for many other B vitamins but contain fewer amounts of minerals such as iodine, iron, selenium and zinc. Overall the large amounts of the vitamin B6 present within bananas make them fruits that can most likely assist in cleansing your kidneys from their impurities, not only this but their other health benefits indicate that through incorporating bananas within your daily diet you could make huge changes to your complete well being.



pineapple and kidney cleansing

Pineapples contain dietary fibre which is necessary in regulating and keeping your intestines operational and healthy. This fruit caries a large amount of bromelain which is simply an enzyme that holds the ability to break down protein which can possibly assist in the digestion of your food. Furthermore pineapples contain large quantities of vitamin C and manganese which is also important for your health, causing pineapples to be a great fruit to add to your diet when aiming to eat and live healthy.




The juice extracted from lemons is found to contain large quantities of citric acid which ultimately contributes in reducing the development of calcium oxalate kidney stones. Studies indicate that citric acid from lemon juice can reduce the acidity within urine and thus reduce the occurrence of kidney stones. Therefore lemon juice offers a balancing approach to supporting kidney function as well as possibly ending the formation of the stone before it starts however this depends on the type of stones in question and thus lemons and the juice that is extracted from them  can be linked to the purification of kidneys.


Goji Berries:

Goji berries healthy kidneys


Last but certainly not least Goji berries contain large quantities of beta-carotene which is simply a color formed in plants and fruits that helps promote and assists in healthy and clear skin. Goji berries have also been shown to help improve the immune system as well as preserve the eyes. However due to their extreme health benefits this, sometimes termed super food, should be handled with care! If consumed in the appropriate amounts, Goji berries have the power to positively impact your overall well being and may encourage the purification process of your kidneys.

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By Hot Health September 2, 2016 23:34
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