4 Things You May Not Know About Hazelnuts

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By Hot Health September 20, 2016 21:56

4 Things You May Not Know About Hazelnuts

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Health Benefits of Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts seem to replacing every mainstream flavor in every kind of food. From chocolates to breads to Nutella spreads, hazelnuts’ popularity has surged in a way that cannot be explained. But most people believe that this popularity is owed to the incredible health benefits of hazelnuts. This sweet, incredibly delicious and in fact, nutritious nut is perhaps capable of working small wonders for the body. The scientific name of the nut is Corylus Avellana and it is perhaps the nut of the hazel tree that originated in the southern Europe and Turkey. In the present day, it is cultivated in many regions of the world as a commercial crop.


Some basic facts about Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts are rich sources of energy and host a number of health-benefitting nutrients which play an essential role in optimizing the health of an individual. The mom-unsaturated fatty acids and the essential fatty acids present in hazelnuts work in lowering the bad cholesterol and rising the good cholesterol. The nuts are also rich in dietary fiber, Folate, Vitamin E, Copper and Manganese which help in protecting the body against diseases and cancers. Hazelnuts in themselves complete the daily recommended intake of vitamins and are exceptionally beneficial for the skin. For instance, the antioxidants present in the nut help keep the skin healthy and fresh. The considerable amount of Vitamin E present in the hazelnuts contributes in maintaining the moisture and elasticity of the skin and hair. The antioxidant properties also help in protecting the skin from UV rays and improve circulation of blood. If used for a prolonged time, it can potentially reduce pigmentation because of scars, acne and wrinkles. The hydrating and conditioning properties of the nuts make them a natural moisturizer for dry skin. The nuts have also proven to leave strong impact on damaged and dry hair and help fight split ends. Hazelnut also finds use in culinary applications where its prominent for the taste and aroma.

Here is a list of some more common health benefits of Hazelnuts.


  • Manages Diabetes

Any efficient diabetic diet plan must focus on choosing monosaturated fats over saturated and trans fats. A number of researches have revealed that supplementing tree nuts with everyday diet helps in lowering the blood cholesterol levels. The hazelnuts have been proven to increase glucose intolerance and their high level of manganese also help in fighting against diabetes.


  • Promotes Heart Health

It is like a widely known fact that nuts help in curbing diabetes and hazelnut is no exception. Hazelnut is rich in vitamins and minerals which promote heart health. The monosaturated fats present in the hazelnut helps in lowering the bad cholesterol. The high amounts of magnesium found in hazelnut aids in the regulation of calcium and potassium which is crucial to blood pressure.


  • Fights against Cancer

Hazelnuts are important foods when it comes to fighting cancer. This is owed to the high number of anti-oxidants present in the nuts. Some studies have revealed that vitamin E is perhaps the most capable supplement in decreasing the risk for breast, lung, and colon and prostrate cancers as well as tumors and mutations. Vitamin E has also been witnessed to help in resistance of drugs.


  • Combats Obesity

Hazelnuts act as potential and active stimulants for healthy metabolism of the body. The consumption of high levels of nuts have shown a considerable loss in weight in individuals. The vitamins in the nut help in converting carbs into glucose which is the source of energy which is used by the body to operate properly. Experiments have also revealed that the magnesium in the nut also potentially helps in decreasing the weight by improving the functioning of the digestive enzymes. The consumption of hazelnuts helps induce a feeling of fullness which prevents overeating. Because hazelnuts are rich in good fats, they can be considered as healthy snacks which combat obesity.


Because of its constituent vitamins and minerals such as manganese, magnesium and calcium, the nuts effectively increase the strength of the bones, joints and muscles. This helps in preventing spasm, soreness, muscle tension, cramps and fatigue. It also potentially increases the bone mineral density and fights osteoporosis. The presences of multiple b-complex vitamins in the nuts enable the efficient working of the nervous system. Hazelnuts work on almost every part of the body thereby proving that they are the most beneficial nut available.

Hot Health
By Hot Health September 20, 2016 21:56
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