Why Do I Have Irregular Periods?

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By Hot Health January 17, 2017 14:33

Why Do I Have Irregular Periods?

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Why do I have irregular periods?

Women around the world know that the menstrual cycle can play hide and seek at its own will. Even with regular exercise and an active sex life, women can experience irregularities in their menstrual cycles and consequently health problems. Irregular Periods themselves are a medical condition known by the name of Oligomenorrhea. Irregular Periods mostly take their toll among teenage girls when the body is still developing and abundant hormonal changes occur. However it may be witnessed in reproductive years as well as when women begin to approach pre-menopause or gain or lose excessive amount of weight.

The reasons for irregular periods can be many one of the prime ones being stress. Stress, in addition to other bodily functions, also affects hormones. An imbalance in the hormonal levels of the body causes changes in the menstrual cycle. Other reasons that may cause an irregularity in menstruation include eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia. Though regular exercise is believed to stimulate regular menses, over exercising such as in the case of athletes also contributes to irregular periods. This irregularity may also be caused by emotional distress, frequent travel (leading to change in atmosphere and weather) or illness. Major life changes which bring in a surge wave of emotions also donate, in their little ways, to irregular menses.

Active and regular sex life has also been considered important for regular menstrual cycle. However, in the reproductive years, when women take in birth control pills, their menses get affected. As a matter of fact, women who have been regularly consuming birth control pills may skip their periods for a couple of months in continuity. Similarly, after a pregnancy, when a woman lactates, the hormonal changes still contribute to irregular menses.

Medical conditions such as problems with pelvic organs, polycystic ovaries or Asherman’s syndrome also contribute to irregular menses as well as irritable bowel syndrome, liver diseases, diabetes and tuberculosis.

Though it seems scary and builds up tension, having an irregular period and experiencing Pre Menstrual Stress is not uncommon. When you experience this happening often, try to restore emotional, health and physical balance in your body and life and soon you shall be able to witness a change in your cycle. In case this does not satisfy you, consult your gynecologist.

Hot Health
By Hot Health January 17, 2017 14:33
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