Is There A Link Between Exercise and Heart Disease Prevention?

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By Hot Health August 25, 2016 19:11
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Is There A Link Between Exercise and Heart Disease Prevention?

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Can Exercise and Diet Prevent Heart Disease?

The American Heart Association estimates that cardiovascular disease kills 950,000 Americans every year. What many people do not know is that doctors estimate that two-third of the deaths in America due to heart disease can be prevented with a strict diet and exercise routine.

You may have come across this information before, perhaps in an article in a health magazine, maybe a friend told you this, or it was your doctor. Yes, diet and exercise can prevent heart disease.

Yes, but it’s not going to be easy at the start, especially if it’s been long since you have exercised. Maybe you were an athlete in your college days, but then you got married and had children and life caught up with you. So you gave up exercising completely. Now you want to hit the jogging trail once again, and applied for a gym membership.

That’s great; but before getting started on a vigorous exercise routine, do get yourself checked by a doctor. Your doctor will determine if you have a coronary artery blockage or if your heart’s condition is so serious that exercise could actually precipitate a heart attack. Your doctor will go through your family history and perform tests to check your physical condition.


Preventing Heart Disease with Exercise

exercise and heart disease


Preventing heart disease with exercise means workout out for at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Here’s what you should know – you are not training for a marathon here. Your goal should be to simply elevate your heart rate and your breathing for about 30 minutes a day.

There are so many things you can do – you can jump rope, jog, run, jump on a trampoline, play soccer, tennis or basketball, or go for a quick walk early in the morning. You can change your activities to add a bit of variety to them.

It’s really very simple, and whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of overextending yourself. Only do what you feel comfortable with. As long as it increases your heart rate, that should be good enough.


Preventing Heart Disease with Diet

fruit and heart disease


You can prevent heart disease by making a few important dietary changes. You should have plenty of fruits and vegetables, lots of water, limit your caffeine intake, quit smoking and avoid alcohol as much as possible.

Switch to grapeseed and olive oil. Olive oil is not heat-treated like other oils and is in fact cold pressed, so it is healthier for the heart. Avocado oil is good for the heart as well as it is stable at high temperatures. You can use avocado oil for baking and frying and olive oil for dipping and sauces.

Now, you will need to change the way you prepare food. Avoid sautéing or frying the food, bake or broil them instead. If you can’t live without cheese, at least make sure that you have hard cheese, such as Parmesan or Romano. Soft cheese is dangerous for the heart as it is highly processed and has more fat than is good for you. The harder the cheese, the less is the fat content.

Whatever you do, make sure that you are consistent with your food habit. Don’t overeat one day and starve the next to make up for it. Have as many servings of fruits and vegetables as possible. Whole grains are healthy too, as are fish, legumes and other foods that are high in proteins and low in saturated fat.

You should certainly avoid trans fats and saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. These fats increase your cholesterol level and are dangerous for the heart. You should certainly stay away from any deep fat fried foods, baked products, processed food and packaged snacks.


Final Thoughts

The most important thing about starting an exercise and diet routine to prevent heart disease is to be consistent. You cannot exercise for a week and then forget all about it for the next month. It is the same with dietary changes as well. You must make a long term commitment to diet and exercise and stick to your schedule, no matter what.


Hot Health
By Hot Health August 25, 2016 19:11
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