These 9 Foods Can Worsen Your Menstrual Cramps!

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By Hot Health September 12, 2016 19:54
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These 9 Foods Can Worsen Your Menstrual Cramps!

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Foods that worsen Menstrual Cramps

Dealing with menstrual/period cramps is no less than a war. While a regular menstrual cycle is a sign of a healthy body and hormonal balance, the cramps that come with it as baggage are like your uterus being subject to third degree torture. Again, the intensity of the cramps varies from woman to woman owing to a number of factors but that does not alter the fact that cramps can be pretty hard to deal with. Each and every one of us have had that conversation with our mother or grandmother where they advised us to avoid certain foods during ‘that time of the month’. Well, we should listen to them. Based on the advice from the ‘experienced’ and research, we have compiled a list of foods that can potentially make your cramps worse.


  • Coffee


That’s right! For 7 days, it is only healthy to say goodbye to your morning caffeine. Coffee makes the blood vessels constrict and may lead to the tightening of the muscles that feed the uterus. During the initial days of your menstrual cycle, try sticking to tea for the boost of energy. Tea has less amounts of caffeine in comparison to coffee and therefore affects the cramps minimally.


  • Processed Foods


Junk food, or any other processed food can cause inflammation in the body, because of the hydrogenated oils, and worsen your pain. Try to avoid trans fat in foods such as french fries, desserts and other packed foods while you are on your period.


  • Alcohol


Alcohol can cause you to retain water during your period which may lead to bloating and in turn worsens the menstrual cramps. If it is necessary for you to consume alcohol, like in a party or celebration, you can limit the intake to a maximum of 2 servings.


  • Meat


Fatty meats that are high in saturated fats can potentially worsen the menstrual cramps. Consuming saturated fats especially during the initial days of the period can lead to breakouts, bloating and tenderness of breasts which makes you more vulnerable to period pains.


  • Sugar


An increase in the blood sugar rise is not a good thing for menstrual cramps. The rise in the levels of blood sugar leads to increased cramps. Sugar can also cause inflammation in the body thereby worsening the cramps. You can try natural sugars such as date to satisfy your sugar craving.


  • Salty Foods
french fries


Salts are the major reason for bloating and water retention in a menstrual cycle. Reducing your sodium intake during your period can help reduce menstrual cramps and discomfort. It is recommended to avoid foods rich in sodium such as french fries, chips and other canned foods.


  • Dairy
menstrual cramps


Dairy foods such as ice cream, cheese and milk are rich in arachidonic acid which leads to increased inflammation and cramping.


  • Chocolate
menstrual cramps


Sorry to break your heart but you will have to resist your chocolate cravings to lessen your menstrual cramps. Like coffee, chocolate is rich in caffeine and therefore can worsen the cramps to a stage where it may become unbearable.


  • White Grains
menstrual cramps


Refined grains such as white flour and rice have the same effects as that of sugar and therefore must be avoided.


Since menstrual cramps differ from body type to body type, there are some all-effective natural remedies that you can turn to in order to reduce the intensity of pain your uterus goes through. Using a hot water bottle or a heating pad to induce heat into the uterus brings about a relief in the cramps. Try to get a little bit of exercise such as walking around the house or climbing three to four stairs but do not exert yourself. Supplementing yourself with calcium and magnesium are also proven ways of soothing the cramps. Since you are cutting down on coffee try consuming green tea for detoxification. The tea works by ridding the body of unhealthy pollutants and thereby helps in reducing the intensity of cramps. Massage your stomach with lavender or coconut oil. This will help in circulating the blood flow and therefore the cramps will be reduced. Take adequate rest and do not exert. If your pain is quite severe like you have not experienced before, consult a doctor and take the necessary precautions.

Hot Health
By Hot Health September 12, 2016 19:54
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  1. Jen September 28, 16:33

    I haven’t had many of the foods listed for a month and I noticed very few cramps. So this list is definitely true.

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