It’s True! Optimistic and Positive People Live Longer!

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By Hot Health November 13, 2016 13:19

It’s True! Optimistic and Positive People Live Longer!

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The Link Between Being Positive and Living Longer

Do positive people live longer? Yes, they do. There is a link between being positive and living longer and there are a lot of studies that prove this. It’s easy to understand why people with a positive attitude live longer.

For one, when something does not go to plan, a positive person deals with whatever is the current situation instead of getting too stressed or worried about it. A positive person lives in the present and instead of mulling over past mistakes, they look for other solutions. 

A person with a negative attitude, however, is constantly angry or frustrated, and spends most of their time complaining about the situation instead of doing something about it. They think too much about what has just happened and about the hardships that has caused to them, instead of refocusing and finding a way to resolve the problem.

 Negative thinkers constantly worry about the future. They fail to reach their goals because they simply refuse to live in the present. Their mind is either on events of the past, or on potential problems that the future might bring. This is something that has great repercussions for their health.

A study of 447 people at the Mayo Clinic performed over 30 years ago found that positive people were 50 percent less at risk of dying an early death than pessimists or negative thinkers. The study found that the state of the mind and the body are closely linked; and your attitude has a big role to play on the final outcome – which in this case means, death.

 There was a Yale study done years ago, where 660 elderly people were judged for their attitude to life. They were asked if people tend to become less useful as they get older. Those who had a more positive attitude towards life were later found to live 7.5 years longer on an average than those who had a negative attitude.

Similarly, there was a study done in the Netherlands which examined the attitudes of 999 people over the age of 65 and their attitude towards life. According to the study, there was a protective relationship between mortality and optimism – those who were positive lived longer and had a 77% lower risk of heart disease.

 So why is this? Why do positive people live longer? One would say that the one thing that makes the difference between living longer and having a healthy and fulfilling life, and dying an early death, while living a bitter, angst filled life is stress.

Stress is not just an emotional or psychological problem – it also affects your body. Stress causes inflammation in the body. When the internal organs of the body are affected by inflammation, that affects the blood flow and the various functions of the body. Inflammation could lead to heart attack and stroke. It affects the digestive tract and causes disorders such as IBD or irritable bowel disease.

Inflammation speeds up aging. It shortens your life span, and if you are affected by inflammation for any length of time, not only are you vulnerable to a host of diseases or disorders, you are unlikely to enjoy life as you should.

It’s a vicious circle – negativity or stress causes inflammation, and inflammation causes more negativity and stress, and eventually, this shortens your life.

 For this reason, positive people live longer. Positive people don’t get stressed so easily and suffer from less inflammation. They don’t worry too much when things don’t work as they should; they just get move on and get on with life.

A positive person does not blame the whole world or get bitter when, say, his side loses a contest. At the time of this writing, a lot of people in the United States have lost their faith in democracy because of Hillary Clinton’s loss in the Presidential election and many have been depressed by how things turned out.

That’s not how a positive person would react to things. Remember, the world moves on, there are no full stops in life. There’s no point is worrying about or beating yourself about things that are not in your control.

Negativity breeds negativity – a negative person feels bitter and resentful towards other people and the world at large. Nobody likes pessimistic or negative people. Negativity serves no purpose, except to make you unpopular. People who are lonely and sad very rarely live for long. It’s always happy people, full of positive attitude towards life, full of jest for life, who tend to live longer.

 Avoid negativity; make your mind turn to more positive things. For example, say you supported Hillary Clinton in the recent election. You would have thought that the world has come to an end. You are worried about what the future holds for yourself or your children.

We are not taking sides here; supporters of Donald Trump would have felt the same way had their side lost the election. So how do you deal with this, how do you turn negative to positive?

Here’s what you should do…

#1: Stay away from the social media for a while. Twitter, Facebook, etc. tend to enforce negativity.  Just stay away from them, and walk away when any talk or discussion turns to politics or something negative.

#2: Make a list of 5 things you are grateful for, which have happened during the last 24 hours. Make this list every day for the next month, or till as long as you can.

#3: Here’s a challenge, go a week without complaining about anything to anyone – online and offline. Then make it two weeks, three weeks, and so on.

#4: Just stop criticizing people. Can you do it? If you don’t agree with someone about something, just say so, calmly and clearly. Don’t get into an argument over it, and don’t try to justify yourself.

#5: Stop making mountains out of molehills. In fact, do the opposite – make molehills out of mountains.  

 Follow the steps given here and tell us how you feel, about a month from now. We look forward to your comments!

Hot Health
By Hot Health November 13, 2016 13:19
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