25 Dangerous Reasons You Need To Put Down That Cigarette

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By Hot Health December 1, 2016 12:54

25 Dangerous Reasons You Need To Put Down That Cigarette

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Health Hazards of Smoking a Cigarette

We all know that cigarette smoke is harmful to health. The risk is so strong that even the cigarette pack themselves have warning labels to discourage smokers. Yet, many people give in to the urges of this dangerous smoke and blow away their own life with their own hands. Where all of us know that smoking is hazardous to health, it is surprising to know how few people actually know what smoke can do to your body.

If people were more aware of the truth about these toxic consequences, perhaps they would think more before putting that cigarette to their mouth. When we look at the hazards, it’s saddening to see that cigarette smoke targets the entire body. Every system in the entire human body suffers at the hand of the lethal chemicals present in cigarette smoke. Here are just some of the many culprits responsible for causing the harmful effects of smoking.




Cigarette smoke contains a huge number of toxic chemicals, so many that you would lose your breath naming them. Over 4000 chemicals have been proven to be toxic at present. From this list, there are only a few that we know the details about. When the presently known ingredients carry such a lot pf toxicity, you need to consider the possibly lethal effects of those constituents that are still undiscovered. Here are the major ingredients in cigarette smoke that leave no effort in ruining the entire system if your body:


  • Nicotine, the addiction in cigarette smoke. It is this nicotine that makes people addictive to cigarette smoke, making it impossible for them to leave it. Besides this, nicotine also has a number of effects on the brain, the digestive system and even on the personality.
  • Tar, similar to the one on the roads. This accumulates in the lungs and literally paves the healthy tissue with tough black plaques that makes it difficult to breathe. It is also a carcinogen and can stimulate the growth of lethal cancers.
  • Carbon monoxide, which makes blood incapable of carrying oxygen, so that even in the open air your body tissues starve for oxygen. This gas is also a silent killer. Too much of it can depress the oxygen content enough to cause death.
  • Formaldehyde, another toxic chemical that is severely harmful to the liver, kidneys, and brain. The chemical accumulates and does its damage slowly to result in its many effects in the long run.
  • Arsenic, a cancerous metal that accumulates in the cells of the body. Besides this, the metal itself is very harmful and can damage cells to cause a number of lung diseases and chronic inflammatory conditions. It is used in rat poison, so you can understand how toxic it really is.
  • DDT, a pesticide. You wouldn’t believe it but cigarette smoke actually contains chemicals that are used to kill other insects and pests. Imagine what these toxic chemicals do to you. Furthermore, DDT has been proven to accumulate in the body of the consumer and is considered as a slow poison.
  • Carcinogens, there are a number of other chemicals in the smoke that are potentially cancerous. They can affect your lungs, urinary bladder or any other organ to stimulate the growth of cancerous cells, resulting in a malignancy.

All these chemicals have additive effects. The worst and most unfair part of the scenario is that passive smokers, who don’t even light a cigarette themselves are susceptible to all these problems as they inhale the same smoke. His means that a smoker is not only risking his own Life, he is also putting his friends and family in danger as well. As mentioned previously, cigarette smoke can affect the entire body. However, nobody realizes the extent of this damage.


health hazards of smoking cigarettes

Here we list some of the many effects of smoking to bring all these problems to your notice. We have divided them into short and long term effects for your convenience. The short term effects of smoking include:


  1. Bad breath, the first and usually intolerable problem associated with smokers is their bad breath. No matter how many times you rinse, the smoke clings to your mouth and is evident every time you speak.
  2. Stained teeth, over a few weeks, consistent smoking results in characteristic yellow-brown patches on the teeth that do not go away even after prolonged brushing.
  3. Breathing problems, cigarette smoke contains irritants that irritate the respiratory passages. The tar and other toxic materials affect the lungs also resulting in reduced capacity of breathing. As a result, over time the person starts having a bad cough and shortness of breath.
  4. Respiratory infections, the toxic chemicals interfere with normal functioning of the air passages. This causes mucus to accumulate which acts as fertile grounds for infection and hence repeated infections of the throat and air passages.
  5. Increased blood pressure, nicotine has a central effect on the cardiovascular system. It increases the heart rate and also constricts blood vessels. Smoking also promotes the build of fat inside the walls of the arteries, narrowing them, which further increases the blood pressure.
  6. Decreased appetite, nicotine and other centrally acting drugs act on the appetite center of the brain to decrease the desire for food, as a result the person starts skipping meals and starts losing weight unhealthily.
  7. Upsets the mood, centrally acting chemicals like nicotine does stimulate the brain initially, for a euphoric effect, but after a short while, this effect blunts and the person escalates towards depression. He also becomes increasingly irritated and angry at times.
  8. Git upsets, excessive smoking also stimulates the release of acid in the stomach, which leads to heartburn and predisposes the person to peptic ulcers.
  9. Addiction, the most problematic effect of smoking is an addiction. A person becomes addicted to the euphoric effect of nicotine and demands the drug to achieve the same effect. However, the problem is that this effect blunts with time and so the person needs of smoke more cigarettes to achieve the same level of euphoria each time. This leads a smoker downhill into a never ending circle of chain-smoking that becomes very hard to break. This addiction can cost a person their family, their social and work life as well as their own well-being.


This is not the end of the story, though. Smoking has numerous long-term effects on the body as well. It causes harm slowly, building up its toxicity to damage your organs permanently. Some of this include:

  1. Lustreless skin, the skin loses its shine and strength. It hangs limp without any sign of youth and is easily broken and bruised.
  2. Lungs are damaged, the tar accumulates in the lungs at alarming amounts which result in an inability to exchange gasses, making lungs ineffective in their primary function. This leads to failure of the lungs.
  3. COPD, this is a disease known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, whereby the damaged air passages results in an inability to breathe in and out. This traps air inside the lungs which leads to bursting of the air spaces, alveoli, and decreased the ability to breathe. I also result in a chronic cough and reduced lung capacity.
  4. Heart, the nicotine affects the heart and blood vessels in the long run. The increased heart rate, with the susceptibility of fat deposition in the lining of blood vessels, leads to a chronically elevated blood pressure and increased susceptibility to heart diseases, heart attack and stroke.
  5. Depression, the nicotine acts to depress the brain on the long run, which results in the person unable to do anything. He gets unhappy and irritated and only craves his smokes. This pushes him into a severe state of depression.
  6. Reproductive damage, smoking causes a toxic effect on the ovaries and the testes. It affects the reproducing cells of the body, affecting the person’s capability to produce the reproducing cells and hence become a parent.
  7. Birth defects, smoking can introduce toxic chemicals in the blood of the mother that have a potential to cause birth defects. This means that not only are you suffering yourself, you are potentially risking the entire life of your unborn child.
  8. Cancers, a number of organs especially the lungs and urinary bladder are susceptible to developing cancers smoking is the biggest factor responsible for cancers in both men and women. This highlights the lethal effects of this smoke itself.
  9. It might kill you, the end result of all of these problems is death. You may think that you will stop before that time or that it won’t happen to your, but the truth is that you are headed that way. Sooner or later, that smoke will kill your organs and tip your body over the brink of no return.

Clearly, considering the great number of health hazards of smoking, you should think before taking a light. The problem is that smoking is so damaging that even if you leave it after a certain time it leaves its lasting effect on the body. Ideally, one should never smoke, but if you do, it’s never too late to give it up. It’s always better to start the journey back then just wait for the point of no return. Cigarette smoke is not only injurious to health, it is a killer. It’s time we realized it.

Hot Health
By Hot Health December 1, 2016 12:54
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