5 Great Homemade Sugar Scrubs For Beautiful Glowing Skin

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By Hot Health December 16, 2016 18:12
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5 Great Homemade Sugar Scrubs For Beautiful Glowing Skin

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Homemade Sugar Scrubs for Your Face

Whenever someone talks about health and diet the word ‘sugar’ doesn’t seem to fit. Every diet and health plan tells you to get rid of sugar. But when it comes to scrubbing your face to rid it of dust, dirt and particles, sugar is your best choice. Being an efficient exfoliator, sugar scrubs help in brushing away dead skin and promotes the growth of fresh and healthy skin. You can make a number of scrubs at home with the help of sugar which can help you in cleansing your skin.

Add the right ingredients and the same sugar scrubs can be used to get a glowing skin.


Chamomile Oat Sugar Scrubs

We know what you’re thinking. Oats in a face scrub? Yep. That’s right. Oats are a great help when it comes to soften the skin and when combined with chamomile, it can work wonders. Add half a cup of brown sugar to 1/4th  of olive oil.

Add 2-3 tablespoons of ground rolled oats and strongly brewed chamomile tea.

Stir the mixture to make sure that all the ingredients are mixed thoroughly and then apply it to your face. Wait till it’s completely dry before rinsing with cold water.


Coconut Bar Facial Sugar Scrubs

Here is a recipe whose odor tempts you to take a bite. But don’t! Add 1/4 of coconut oil and 2-3 drops of pure vanilla extracts to half a cup of brown sugar.

Mix thoroughly and apply to your face gently. After rubbing it in your face a couple of times, gently rinse it with a warm cloth and then splash cold water on your face.


Lavender Sugar Scrubs

Here is a mixture that will help you get rid of those annoying scars on your face. Add a capsule of Vitamin E to half a cup of brown sugar and one fourth coconut oil with 2-3 drops of essential lavender oil.

Mix thoroughly, apply on the face and then rub with cold water.

The healing properties of coconut, vitamin E and lavender together will give you a new-like skin.


Lemon Sugar Scrubs

This scrub is favorite among people who want to fight the visible signs of aging.

Mix half a cup of brown sugar with one fourth extra virgin olive oil, 1 teaspoon argan oil and 2-3 drops of essential lemon oil.

Essential lemon oil acts as a natural skin toner and provides your face with a natural glow.

The polyphenols and oleic acid present in olive oil help combating signs of aging. What is to be noted about this scrub is that essential lemon oil is phototoxic so it is recommended you avoid excessive sun exposure for 48 hours after applying lemon oil on your skin.


Geranium Clean Pore Sugar Scrubs

Add 1/4th hemp oil to half a cup of brown sugar and 2-3 drops of essential geranium oil.

This oil helps in preventing acne breakouts by regulating oil production.

The unclogging properties of hemp oil help in unclogging the pores.

On combining with brown sugar, these two ingredients help in scrubbing away dead and oil-filled skin cells.

Hot Health
By Hot Health December 16, 2016 18:12
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