11 Catastrophic Health Risks of Not Drinking More Water!

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By Hot Health March 1, 2017 14:47

11 Catastrophic Health Risks of Not Drinking More Water!

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11 Catastrophic Health Risks of Not Drinking More Water!

We’ve often heard it before. Drink more water! Drink more H2O! But how many of us understood its significance?

Many people underestimate the power of water and often miss out on its many health benefits because of under consumption. The body can go without food for several days, but it cannot go without water or some type of fluid. Not drinking adequate water over long periods of time has catastrophic health risks. In this article, we talk about the many health benefits of drinking more water and how it might even save your life.

Here are reasons you should drink more water: 


  • You put your heart’s function at risk

Water is essential for the functioning of the cardiovascular system. According to a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, drinking sufficient amount of water – at least five 8 oz. glasses a day – lowered the risk of heart attack by 41 percent. It dilutes the blood and makes it less sticky. This means that the heart will have to exert less force in order to pump it. This is essential for maintaining good cardiac health.


  • You increase your chances of getting cancer

It fights cancer. Drinking enough water lowers the risk of bladder cancer by 50 percent and colon cancer by 45 percent. It reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Consuming adequate amounts of water has been shown to shield your vital organs, in particular, the colon, bladder and breast tissue from cancer. Per the Journal of Clinical Oncology, high consumption of H2O reduced your chances of developing these types of cancers.

Researchers in Israel analyzed a myriad of studies regarding the correlation between its intake and cancer. They concluded that adequate hydration is very important if a person wants to reduce his or her chances of getting cancer.

In one study where over 50,000 participants were studied, the people who consumed more water significantly lowered their chances of developing bladder cancer.

“When fluid intake was modeled as a continuous variable, the risk of bladder cancer decreased by 7% for every increment of 240 mL in daily fluid intake,” the study review explains. “Study participants in the highest quintile of fluid intake had a 49% lower incidence of bladder cancer than those in the lowest quintile.”


  • You’ll get more headaches and migraines 

One of the greatest benefits of drinking water is that it fights headaches and migraines. If you are someone who has suffered from migraines in the past, or still continues to have them, you will know how debilitating migraines can be. When you have a migraine, depending on its severity, can leave you completely incapable of functioning or performing tasks. It really hurts your productivity.

There was a study published in the journal Neurology, in which a group of participants were given 6 cups of water and another group was given a placebo, in addition to their usual intake.

After 14 days, it was found that the group that was given water experienced fewer spells of headaches and migraines than the other group. Also, it was discovered that drinking sufficient water lowered the intensity of headaches or migraine. 


  • You lose out on saving money 

It saves you money. This is not exactly a “health benefit”, but drinking water instead of sugary drinks or fizzy drinks, sodas or having coffee at Starbucks can save you a lot of money. Even bottled water is considerably cheaper than other options. You can save anything from $500 to $1,000 a year by having water instead of Coca Cola or Pepsi at lunch. And it’s healthier too. Just make the switch and feel the difference.


  • Your productivity at work suffers

If you want your productivity at work to be high, make sure that you are sufficiently hydrated at all times. Drinking water will keep you sharp and mentally alert. You will be able to recollect things faster and not be beset with memory loss and other problems as you get older. It also improves your concentration. You will be able to work on your computer without losing focus.


  • You experience more fatigue or exhaustion

When you don’t drink enough water, you will feel tired and exhausted. When dehydrated, the body functions at a sub-optimal level. Dehydration is one of the biggest causes of fatigue.

When there’s less amount of water in the body, the volume of blood is much lower than what it should be. This means the heart has to work a lot harder to pump blood into the bloodstream, and this affects the functioning of all the vital organs of the body.

When that happens, you will feel severely fatigued, tired or exhausted. That’s why it is so important to keep yourself properly hydrated and drink enough H2O throughout the day.


  • You’ll be moody and might even develop depression 

Here’s a question – have you experienced dehydration in the past? How did that make you feel? It’s hard to imagine anyone being happy and cheerful when dehydrated.

Dehydration, or not taking enough water can have a negative effect on your mood. It affects your cognitive function and can even lead to depression. Whenever you feel upset about something, have a couple of glasses of H2O and feel the difference in your mood. It elevates the mood and may even prevent depression.


  • You slow down digestion and increase constipation 

Water is absolutely critical for the proper function of the digestive system. It ensures that the gastrointestinal tract operates smoothly at all times. Not drinking enough results in the colon drawing out water from the stool to maintain proper hydration.

This makes it difficult for the body to pass the stool. Naturally, when this happens, it leads to constipation. So when you feel constipated or when your bowel movements are affected, perhaps it’s because you are dehydrated.

For the digestive system, water is the basic constituent and solvent of secretions in the body. Optimum water consumption means that all the glands, especially the digestive ones can secrete their digestive enzymes easily. If there is a lack of water, the secretions are thick and may clog the ducts leading to harmful consequences. 


  • It regulates the body’s temperature

Having enough water in the body regulates the body temperature. The body releases heat in the form of sweat (which is nothing but water). When the sweat evaporates from the skin, it helps to lower the body temperature and keeps it under control. That’s why it’s so important to take enough water before a workout or a run. If you don’t have enough water to sweat, your body will heat up. This can go to the extents of resulting in a heat stroke, coma, and even death.


  • Your skin suffers 

Water keeps the skin properly hydrated, improves the blood flow to the capillaries, and promotes a healthier and more youthful looking skin. It is a natural skin moisturizer; it replenishes the skin tissues and improves the elasticity of the skin. Drinking sufficient amount of water prevents the outbreak of acne, and visible signs of aging such as wrinkles, scars and soft lines. This ensures that all the cells are working in a healthy and optimum state and prevents drying and scaling. It also helps the blood carry nutrients to the skin and harmful toxins away from it faster, so that your skin starts healing in optimum condition. H20 is needed for healthy skin.


  • You put your kidneys at risk 

The kidneys function your entire blood volume almost 400 times a day. Now if this blood is sticky and thick, the tiny filtering mechanism in the kidney gets damaged. To ensure that your kidneys stay healthy and last for your entire lifetime, you need to drink more water. This makes the blood thinner and the kidney’s job much easier. Proper kidney function depends on adequate water intake.


So, How Much Water Should You Drink?

There’s a lot of conflicting information over how much water a person should drink. Certainly, by now you are aware of how important it is to make sure that you never get dehydrated. However, research indicates that having too much water is not good either as it could lead to excessive sweating, insomnia, higher blood pressure and in rare cases, death.

So how much should you have every day?

According to the European Food Safety Authority, men should take 2 liters (eight 8oz cups) of H20 every day and women 1.6 liters (six to seven 8 oz cups). Arguably, when your urine is clear, that indicates you’re hydrated. 

Of course, a lot depends on your size, the current temperature and the intensity of your physical activities during the day. Typical if you weigh more, you should consume a couple more cups.

If you’ve just had a grueling workout, you need to take more water. If you’ve sat at the desk in an air conditioned office all day, perhaps you don’t need as much water. 

It should be noted that when you decide to drink more water, you might find yourself running to the bathroom more than usual in the beginning. Over time, your bathroom visits will be shorter because your body has adjusted to your higher intake volume. 

Hot Health
By Hot Health March 1, 2017 14:47
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