12 Health Benefits of Zinc You Need to Know About – Fast Facts

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By Hot Health August 30, 2016 18:03
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12 Health Benefits of Zinc You Need to Know About – Fast Facts

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Health Benefits of Zinc – Why Is It So Important?

Zinc is one of the most abundant minerals in the body and is found in the white and red blood cells, kidneys, retina of the eye, bones, skin, liver and pancreas. It is also found in the prostate gland. The semen consists of a prodigious amount of zinc. It strengthens the immune system and is considered essential for the proper functioning of the digestive system.

Zinc plays a critical role in protein synthesis. It helps to control diabetes, regulates metabolism, and boosts energy. It is used in many acne treatments. It is also used in a number of medications given for hair loss, night blindness, loss of appetite, eczema and is known to have weight loss benefits.

On an average, most people require 2 to 3 grams of zinc on a daily basis.  It is secreted by the salivary gland, pancreas and the prostate gland. The immune system secretes zinc as well. A lot of it is lost through the body’s various metabolic processes and has to be replenished constantly. For this reason, you must take zinc either through your diet or from zinc supplements.


What are the Consequences of Zinc Deficiency?

Low blood pressure is one of the most common symptoms of zinc deficiency. Lack of zinc in the body is also known to slow growth, especially in children.  In particular, zinc deficiency leads to the retardation of bone growth in children. It leads to a general loss of appetite and loss of the sense of smell and taste. Lack of it in the body’s systems is known to cause rapid weight loss and muscular weakness. It leads to anxiety and depression, higher stress levels, fatigue and exhaustion. Rough or pale skin is one of the most obvious symptoms of zinc deficiency. Hair loss is another common symptom.


What are the Health Benefits of Zinc?

#1: Acne is a dreadful skin condition that normally occurs in teens and young adults, which affects their confidence. Zinc is commonly used in acne treatments. It regulates the amount of testosterone produced by the body. High testosterone levels are among the most common causes of acne. Zinc stimulates white blood cell production, builds immunity and prevents infection. This is so important for the treatment of acne scars and pimples.


#2: Zinc plays a critical role in the treatment of an inflammatory and chronic skin disorder called eczema. Taking zinc supplements can heal the irritation caused due to eczema and helps the body heal itself faster.


#3: Zinc is given as a treatment for prostate disorders. Zinc deficiency leads to enlargement of the prostate gland, and possibly, the development of prostate cancer. Those at the risk of prostate cancer should take 15 mg of zinc a day. Taking zinc is known to reduce the growth of tumor in prostate glands.

 #4: Zinc improves cognitive function, especially when used together with vitamin B6. Zinc is considered essential for the proper functioning of the brain, especially for the working of of the neurotransmitters that send signals from the brain to the rest of the body.


#5: Zinc improves appetite and brings back the sense of taste and smell, which may have been lost because of various reasons, including zinc deficiency. Weight loss is a symptom of a serious zinc deficiency in the body, as zinc controls the ghrelin hormone, which is associated with weight gain. So, taking zinc supplements helps you regain some of the lost weight over time.


#6: Zinc is given as a treatment for cold. It reduces the severity of cold and strengthens the body’s immunity against a number of infections by stimulating white blood cell activity.


#7: Zinc is given to pregnant and nursing women, as it is considered to be one of the most important nutrients for the health of the mother and the infant. It is essential for the enzymatic activities that occur during pregnancy.


#8: Zinc is absolutely critical for men’s reproductive health as it helps in the development of male sexual organs and assists in the process of spermatogenesis. It also protects the reproductive DNA within the sperm and prevents it from breaking up. Zinc is critical for the enzymatic reactions that allow the sperm to penetrate the egg. For this reason zinc is used in fertility treatments.


#9: Zinc is a powerful antioxidant and plays an important role in protein synthesis. It gives a boost to the carbohydrate metabolism and improves enzymatic function.


#10: Fish oil, which is rich in zinc is the #1 medication given to those suffering from chronic fatigue.  Zinc relaxes the muscles and improves their function.


#11: Zinc fights Alopecia, which is a condition that leads to loss of hair and baldness in both children and adults. It helps diminish some of the most severe symptoms of alopecia.


#12: Zinc is given as a treatment for night blindness. Doctors recommend taking 15-45 mg of zinc a day to help protect your vision and to prevent it from getting any worse.


How to Take Zinc?

Zinc is found in large quantities in fish oil, oysters and meat. It is also found in almonds, peanuts, turnips, peas and pumpkin seeds. Ginger root, oats and whole wheat grain are rich in zinc.

Hot Health
By Hot Health August 30, 2016 18:03
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